The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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LIFE: The Great Challenge   -   by Royce B. McClure
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August 25, 2007
Daniel Schell - Brookfield, IL, USA

Assembled between May and Aug 25, 2007.

Well, it took a few months....I started in May.... but I have finished it! What an awesome puzzle. I put it together in 8 sections. I used the waterline as a divider for each quarter and seperated the pieces as best I could and assembled the tops and bottoms individually. Once all 8 were done I laminated the backs of each 8th, then took them outside to the driveway of my apartment because I don't have enough space inside. A beautiful sunny day so I didn't have to worry about any rains coming in, which we have had a lot of here in the Chicago area. Once I snapped a few photos, I broke it back down into the 8 sections in the hopes of someday laminating the whole thing and mounting it on a wall.

Again, a wonderful piece of artwork and a great pleasure to put together. I look forward to the 30,000 piecer! :)


You say you laminated the puzzle in 8 pieces...what do you mean by that?
Did you keep an hour log?

Ok, I "laminated" by using clear contact paper on the back of each section. It took a lot of time by myself. I had to use small pieces at a time to keep it from rolling up on itself. As for the time I spent, I made no effort to try to keep track of the hours on it. I started it in May, and finished it on Saturday, Aug 25.

I did my first big puzzle about 12-13 years ago. It was an 8,000 piecer that I found in a puzzle catalog of a friend's. Until then, I had no idea anyone was making puzzles that large. Since then I have tried to buy every large puzzle that came on the market that appealed to me. Yours is actually ther first one I have ever built with the intention of mounting permanently. All the others I have taken apart to someday be worked again. I have completed puzzle of 9,000, 12,000, 13,200, as well as a second 8,000 piecer, and have four 18,000 piecers waiting to be started, along with various other large puzzles.

There were a couple of pieces that were damaged in the manufacturing process of the LIFE puzzle, but other than that it was by far the most enjoyable puzzle experience I have had. The absence of a border gets a big thumbs up from me. Those can be not only tedious, but when there are repeating patterns in piece shape, it can be next to impossible to know if a piece is in its proper place. I never considered trying to mix the sections and doing the puzzle in one piece; I simply don't have the space in my apartment to have accomplished that, but even if I did, I still would have done it in sections.

Again, it was a tremendous experience!!!

Regards, Daniel Schell

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