The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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LIFE: The Great Challenge   -   by Royce B. McClure
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18 August 2007
Stephan Frischknecht   -   Volketswil, Switzerland

Assembled between June 5, 2007 and August 18, 2007.

6 June 2007
I finally received your puzzle 2 days ago .... Wow!   So I started puzzling on June 5th. I will do the puzzle as an individual.

Preparation: I needed 4 hours to sort the pieces for part 1 and one more hour to do the edge for this part. I hope I will have 2 hours a day for puzzling, so let's see when it's done.

10 June 2007
What a weekend ! My log says I puzzled a total time of 15 hours. The result is good. I achieve about 75 pieces per hour. So I should finish work in about 300 puzzling hours.

1 July 2007
I'm actually on part 2. I finished part one in 18 days and expect to finish the whole puzzle some time in August.

4 July 2007
We have two little girls (3 and 6) and I often have to scramble already puzzled parts (like ballons, animals..) of the puzzle for them and then they redo them.

11 July 2007
Status update: I finished part 2 yesterday and started today part 3!

9 August 2007
Good evening yesterday - after a 10 day holiday break - I finished part 3 of "Life"'. Since then (8.8.07, 15:30) I'm nearly continously puzzling with part 4 (my little daughter wants me to finish the puzzle by Sunday :-)) ). So I actually already spent 20 hours with it.

18 August 2007
It's complete! Yes, I survived it!


Q: How did doing this compare to other large puzzles you have done?
A: My last puzzle - and until then also the largest - was 'The Crazy World Cup' puzzle from Mordillo (4000 pieces). It was harder, because you really have just those hundreds of Mordillo's and no real picture. Sometimes you just have to take a piece and find it on the guideline - just like a detective! So LIFE is 6 times bigger but also easier because you have a real picture to puzzle. Hard is the surface of the sea, the clown fishes and the lost city.

Q: How did you find the experience?
A: The experience was just great. I really like 'LIFE'!

Q: We'd be interested in feedback on what you liked or didn't like etc
A: After doing the 4000 piece puzzle I looked for an even bigger one. First I was a little bit disappointed because I didn't find one which really seems to be worth doing it. But when I saw 'LIFE' I suddenly knew which puzzle would be my next one..Yes it's a great picture! What I didn't like...maybe the little amount of sleep I get during the puzzling period.. :-))

Q: What do your kids think of your achievement, the puzzle and the picture?
A: My kids want me all the time to disassemble some part of the puzzle - even now! Nadine (6) did Saturn alone ! I just had to give her the pieces (not reassembling, but assembling!). Sometimes they wanna do a race against Papa. Then I had to find a small piece for the youngest, a bigger one for the older one and a real big one for Papa. And then GO. So they really love the puzzle too. Perhaps because of all the animals on it. And because it's big.

Q: What are you going to do with the completed puzzle...break it up or hang it?
A: Actually I'm not quite sure what I will do. But probably I will break it so my children are able to do it again some time in the future.

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