The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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January 10, 2008
Dan Robinson  -  Spring, Texas, USA

Assembled between mid/late July 2007 and 10 January 2008

Took about 5 months. I am in Spring Texas, a suburb just north of Houston. I think I started around mid to late July as I purchased it after my birthday in early July and finished in early January 2008.

It was mainly a solo effort with my wife, son and father adding about 100 pieces. I did the puzzle mainly evenings when I was on call for our pediatric practice. I started with the section with the underwater city and worked each section on top of the previous section. The sections were assembled on our kitchen island. I found sorting the pieces into different sections really helped. I have completed a few other 5,000 and 6,000 piece puzzles.

First in Texas!

My passion is my kaleidoscope collection. I have many kaleidoscopes that have puzzles built into their tubes as well as many puzzles that feature kaleidoscopic patterns.

I think my wife is the person most pleased that the puzzle is complete as she wanted the kitchen island back. I look forward to another large puzzle but I will be taking a good break before taking on anther this big.

At the moment the four sections are still sitting on top of each other. I am waiting for glue so I can glue each section together before trying to flip it to a backer board and add the molding.

Update 20 January:
I spent my day first applying glue to the puzzle and then realized even after gluing I could not safely move the thing. So I finally flipped it over and did the contact paper to the entire thing. Sunday should see me attaching it to foam boards and then attempting to hang it up. Hanging it up should be a real challenge so I will take a 'just in case' photo before we hang it up. It is going above a wall unit and some slot machines in our den. It will sit about 9 foot above the floor.

Update 19 Feb:
We got it out of the garage and moved it to the living room. Then we went out of town. We are now back. I am slowly realizing that getting it to the second floor wall is not going to happen until my older kids are here on spring break...

In Mid May the puzzle will finally be put in place of honor and with a proper trim.

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