The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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LIFE: The Great Challenge   -   by Royce B. McClure
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March 24, 2008
Peter Buote - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Assembled between May 28, 2007 - March 24, 2008

FIRST INDIVIDUAL TO COMPLETE IN CANADA Hello, My name is Peter Buote and I live outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in a place called Goffs. I completed the 'LIFE' jigsaw puzzle as four (4) sections.

I have had this puzzle since May 28, 2007 and have been working on it since (off and on). I have found the puzzle to be very detailed as I began to put this together and the underwater world had to be the most time consuming. I have enjoyed building puzzles since I was two or three and never stopped.

I stumbled across this puzzle when going to order an 18,000 piece one for the purpose of building the world's largest puzzle. The sales person informed me of this one. It was on order from February 2007 until receipt in May 2007, I was like a kid at Christmas. It was delivered to my office, of 200+/- and drew lots of attention from the people around me.

My puzzling strategy seems far different than most (people) that have previously finished this one: I built each section by colour, from the top to bottom, not using sequences or any other strategy. Mine was for the enjoyment and stress relief after a day at the office. I began each section in 30" x 30" box top in my living room and transferred the completed sections to my basement on a larger cardboard which fit one section, then transferred it on to my home made table (from four sheets of plywood suspended from the basement walls) for final assembly.

My initial interest in the puzzle was to build the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle as the ultimate feat in my puzzling career. Mainly my interests in jigsaws has been the entertainment and enjoyment I get by spending time in the assembly while listening to music or just quiet time. This is such a contrast to the day to day life which most of us lead today but shows that we really do have the time to do things we love if we make the time for it.

The three most questions I get from everyone is how long, how much and what next?

When I tell people the time I spent, 350 hrs over ten months, building this puzzle their first reaction is how did you find all that time. My answer is I fit it in between reroofing and painting my house, family time, working, sports and holidays. It really is one of my passions.

My 'what next' answer is to coat the puzzle with the special puzzle glues available and have it ready to mount on a wall. I am going to contact the local media after I am posted on your website and then approach the local Children's hospital to offer to donate this and have it mounted in an area where it's beauty will be seen and appreciated for a long time.

The colours and detail truly are magnificent. There is something new to see in it every time one looks at it carefully. I can only say that a puzzle like this will come once in a LIFE time for me, so I am so proud to have completed this and so much want to share this with as many as I can.

Best Regards,
Peter J. Buote

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