The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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June 26, 2008
Patrons of the Troy Public Library  -   Troy, Idaho, USA.
Assembled between December 17th 2007 and June 26th 2008.

FIRST  TO COMPLETE IN IDAHO Troy, Idaho Library, Last night, Thursday, June 26 at 6:25pm:
5 children, all regular puzzlers, each put a finger on the 23,999th piece of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle and slid it into place: Carissa Kruger Bailey, Jamie & Seth Lunders, Ceilidh McElroy, proud moms Ann McElroy and Sheila Lunders witnessed the placing of the last piece.

Troy library patrons began the puzzle on December 17, 2007. It took us 192 calendar days and 131 actual puzzling days to complete the puzzle. Sixty people put at least one piece in the puzzle. The youngest puzzlers were Seth Lunders age 6 and Daniel Steadman age 8, both regulars at the Troy library and regular puzzlers. The oldest puzzler was Ellis Anderson, a Troy Friends director. He is also leading the gluing of the puzzle.

We had the raffle for the 4 puzzles that were donated. Everyone who had put a piece in the puzzle and signed the log each had one chance at winning a puzzle. All the puzzles were won by puzzlers who live out of Troy: Don Steadman (Harvard, ID), Julie Redford and Tim Redford (Sandpoint, ID) and C'nedra Thomas (Couer d'Alene, ID). We had many people come from out of Troy to puzzle including our regular puzzlers Leonard and Odessa Johnson from Moscow who regrettably had to leave about an hour before the puzzle was complete.

Troy Library All the regular puzzlers concur that the best part of puzzling was visiting with our new puzzle friends on a regular basis. We will miss the regular interaction and encourage the Troy library to have more programs that let people come together and interact on a regular basis. It was particularly nice that we had entire families and people of all ages involved in the project. We will miss our out of town puzzling friends and hope we can have programs to attract people from out of town to again be regular visitors to the Troy library. The puzzle will be glued and displayed in the children's reading area.

Many thanks to all the people who puzzled and gave support to the puzzling project. The puzzlers and their families who supported the puzzlers. The community who came in to encourage us in the puzzling. Sterling Bank in Troy which provided the table. Troy Market for the trays we used for the sorted pieces and the ever increasing tasty snacks that kept the puzzlers motivated to stay in town and puzzle. The Friends of the Troy library who provided the puzzle, the space and much support. The Troy library particularly Margie Fitzmorris whose enthusiasm for having the puzzle completed and on the wall kept us going. When we we lagged and got discouraged on the fourth impossibly hard section, she bought a beautiful rug as an accessory to the puzzle so we acquired renewed enthusiasm to complete it. The Latah Library District which provided press coverage and the puzzle website that includes pictures of the progress here.


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