The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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LIFE: The Great Challenge   -   by Royce B. McClure
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July 11, 2008
Hanny and Tomer Shalev and of course baby Hadar  -  Raa'nana, Israel
Assembled between Sept 21st, 2007 (Yom Kifur Eve) and July 11, 2008.   (Delay of 3-4 months in middle, due to pregnancy.)

FIRST TO COMPLETE IN ISRAEL It is amazing to see where my hobby, that started years and years ago, when I was about 8 years old is taking me now that I am 38.... There were many articles and TV shows lately, after so many years that whenever I told someone what is my hobby, which is big jigsaw puzzles, everybody were puzzled and thought that I am insane ....

Last year I bought an 18,000 pcs puzzle because I thought it was the biggest in the world and a month later "Life" came out, so I had to buy it of course....

The puzzle was done in four sections but was completed in a random order. It was a long experience that accompanied us since the first days of being a couple, to pregnancy, then to marriage. We insisted getting the puzzle on the evening of "Yom-Kipur" and spent most 48 hours of it, on the puzzle.

Due to this puzzle size we had to make it on the floor. As the months of pregnancy exceeded and my belly grew so I could not keep sitting/laying down on the floor and we had to stop until after the birth. Of course it took us 2 month to recover from it and continue our mission in "Life".

When Tomer, my husband and I met I told him about my hobby and when "Life" came out I have asked his permission to buy it. At the beginning even Tomer thought I was insane but from the moment we opened the first bag, he joined in happily and we spent lovely times together, bonding into long lovely nights of just the three of us.

The size of the complete puzzle is problematic when coming to the question where to put it. It was obvious for us that it will be hung in our new baby room but we do not have a 4.28 meter wall. At first we decided to move into a new apartment of course....but then decided to cut it in two and to hang it in two separate parallel walls. Now we are waiting for the next biggest puzzle in the world to come out so we will have a new challenge.

Since we are the first to finish the puzzle in Israel, we were invited to many TV shows and appeared in several newspapers articles. We have it on file but it is in Hebrew.

Hanny, Tomer and Hadar Shalev.

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